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AI Copilot  to Transform Business

Our all-in-one AI solution unlocks your potential to transform data into revenue.

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Power Up Your Data

UnderSTAND your business

✔️ Blind Spots
✔️ Core Strength

Make changes for growth

✔️ Data Strategy 
✔️ Business Insight


✔️ New Opportunities
✔️ Bottleneck Removal 

Increase Efficiency 

✔️ Cost Reduced
✔️ Productivity Boost

Why TranX

Many companies haven't discovered the potential of their data, because the data in most industries is fragmented, and most importantly the majority have not been organized yet. Also quite a few companies spend a lot of manpower on collecting, recording, and processing data across different platforms or systems. 

TranX helps you integrate, transform, visualize, and analyze your data to find hidden value. Our solution organizes and pieces together scattered data to connect the dots and make sense of your data to drive business success.  With our solution, the deployment schedule can only take 2 weeks, and the results can be seen immediately. 

  • TranX AI continually monitors your business 24/7, sends out notifications via Email/Line/Slack for unexpected value in data. Take action and make changes promptly. 

  • TranX AI removes unnecessary cost on manpower, spots the problems, and accelerate changes quicker than ever. 

How TranX AI Copilot works

Key Features

Cloud Storage



AI Monitoring and Analysis

Automation and Data Integration

  • Secure and manage your data

  • Access data anytime anywhere for global market

  • Store for audit and comply with the regulations 

  • Understand your business with real-time data and historical data

  • A 360 degree view of your business is at your fingertips. 

  • 7/24 monitor data linked to your business KPI

  • Get real-time notification when something goes wrong.

  • Quickly pinpoint the problems of growth and spot new opportunities

  • Automatically generate weekly report with business insights

Increase efficiency and reduce cost by

  • Unifying data from different systems or platforms

  • Streamline and automate your work flow or process

Our Partners

Let's get started to Accelerate Your Business

No credit card required.

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