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Data Platform for IoT

Monitor your asset or resource by collecting/analyzing data and anomaly detection

The ecosystem of IoT technologies are driving digital transformations that unlock massive amounts of valuable data, enable businesses to become more efficient, reduce costs and risks, and bring more growth.
Hence, we provide a data platform for IoT industry. 

Why IoT

Construction Workers

Save Costs


  • Reduce man hours on long routine work and long range field work

  • Avoid waste by collecting and measuring data/numbers on resource usage, such as gas and electricity

Construction Signs

Manage Risk

  • Let machines do the dangerous jobs

  • Machines are more reliable than humans for over time and accuracy demanding jobs. 

  • Send out alerts ASAP when any problems happen

  • Easily follow local safety regulations


Increase Productivity

Our unified dashboard makes it : 

  • Easy to spot bottlenecks to productivity 

  • Quick to respond to any problems

  • Simple to manage tasks  for better team work

  • Easy to track progress

How it works


  • Connect your assets to platform via TranX APIs.

  • Access them globally 24/7.


Select the data you would like to monitor and real-time receive notifications of changes 


Oversee the pipeline or flow of your business and drive more outcomes


  • Keep track of progress

  • Predict potential risks

  • Get actionable insights and find hidden value

At TranX, we simplify powerful technology to accelerate the modernization of traditional industries and create unprecedented value and impact. One of our solutions for transportation industry based on our data platform is illustrated below.

Unified Dashboard

Enjoy total peace of mind and have every data point at your fingertips with our ultimate platform

Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 2.55.00 PM.png

Task management

  • Store records of all historical tasks and ensure that critical information is never lost or misplaced.

  • Assign tasks to team members and get notification once they are done

  • Add custom notes to keep track of who performed the task, what was done, and any other essential details.

Data Analysis

  • Collect, process, and visualize data with charts, graphs, and numbers. Users have a much easier time pinpointing problematic areas and finding unseen room for improvement  

  • Analyze the data to find correlations between each data point to identify the key driving force of your business. 

  • Use machine learning to predict risks and growth to prepare ahead.


Why Us


TranX team has designed and implemented solutions across different industries, such as transportation and health care. We know the most cost effective way to design your solution, produce the proof of concept, take it to production stage, and further transform your business. 

Talk to us for more ideas how TranX data platform can transform your business.

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