World #1 Media Distribution Engine Powered by Blockchain and AI


Traditional digital media is faced with problems such as insufficient utilization of media resources, poor interaction/interest, and fraud of analytics. According to statistics, digital media causes the loss of US$7.2 billion due to the fraud of analytics each year.

However, traditional technologies are incapable of solving this problem. With blockchain and AI, TRANX can perfectly solve these problems. TRANX allows business owners, brand owners and advertisers to obtain accurate and reliable media data statistics without the need for a third-party inspection platform. It will greatly increase the efficiency of advertising while reducing costs.

Tranxʼs Mission
TRANX's mission is to use the IoT technology to connect every screen in the world, blockchain technology to solve the fraud of analytics, and AI to achieve precise delivery of advertisements. TRANX's developed TRANSVIEW technology can adapt to the screens on all kinds of IoT devices to achieveperfect display of advertisements from the watch to the big screen etc.
TRANX Features
  • Connect Every Screen
    TRANX believes that every bright screen in the world has its impact and value. TRANX adopts the "Proof of Activity" consensus and conducts a multidimensional evaluation of the content of the linked screen,including the content, frequency, effect, duration, and playback time etc.
  • Data Ownership and Sharing
    All user behavior and playback data are protected by privacy encryption through blockchain, and the data is owned by the user. Users can choose whether to share their own data in order to get more accurate advertising or media content.
  • Rich Interactions and Rewards
    TRANX provides a rich set of interactions that evolves the digital media to the revolutionary era of intelligent interaction from the old passive era. TRANX's "Proof of Activity" consensus can record and reward the users based their interactions, data and contributions.
  • Authentic and Reliable Analytics
    TRANX uses decentralized TransLedger to record all traceable data generated throughout the whole lifecycle, and can 100% restore playback scenes at a certain moment. It makes the playback process transparent and encrypted without the need for a third-party monitoring platform.
TRANX Products

    COOSMEDIA is smart advertising screen solution which is built TRANX engine.


    COOSLight is smart street light solution which is built on TRANX engine.


    COOSPAY is Integrated Blockchain Payment Gateway

  • Airport

  • High Speed Station

  • Office Building

  • Chain Restaurants

  • Display Equipments

  • Advertising

  • Golf Course

  • Library

TRANX VS Traditional Ad Engine
  • World #1 Media Distribution Engine Powered by Blockchain and AI